Women farmers

are massively underrepresented online, while they hold approximately 75% full-time farming jobs.


is available on all leading free stock image libraries online.

EqualStock plans

to change the algorithm online by asking journalists and brands to use images by EqualStock.

The images

uploaded by EqualStock are shot by Welspun World.

About EqualStock


Women account for approximately 75% of full-time farming jobs in India. A real testament to their indomitable spirit. But the representation of that spirit in the online world is almost invisible, especially in stock images. When a brand or a brand representative searches for stock images of farmers in India, what do they get? Men farmers.

This underrepresentation needs to be corrected. This skewed online perception needs to be changed.

And that’s exactly what our initiative, EqualStock, is about.

We have started to rectify this underrepresentation by flooding stock image libraries with hundreds of images of women farmers.

Shot by Welspun World and freely available for the world.

By using relevant tags, collaborating with journalists and brands, we are trying to push these images higher up the algorithm, eventually leading to an equal representation of women farmers online.

Join EqualStock

If you would like to add images that you have clicked of women
farmers, add them here and help build the EqualStock image library.


About Welspun World

Welspun World is one of India's fastest-growing conglomerates, with businesses in Line Pipes, Home Textiles, Infrastructure, Steel, Advanced Textiles and Flooring solutions. With over three decades of experience, Welspun is recognized as a global leader in Home Textiles and Line Pipes, with a presence in over 50 countries backed by a strong team of 30,000+ employees. The Group enjoys a strong relationship with almost all Fortune 100 companies operating in the Retail and O&G sectors and has been continuously following global ESG practices as a responsible conglomerate.